Let’s Learn How to Make Right Bets


It doesn’t matter if you play poker online, roulette online or blackjack online. Your advertising is your bet. It is a mean that helps you to sell the product to your opponents. It is a so called declaration that shows bet sum and your time of thinking to your opponent. If a gambler does bet process rightly he has 70% of success in any game. That’s why poker online strategies based on betting are advantageous.

To win in poker online at casino online one needs to be serious and act cool. That’s why it’s very important to learn online poker bet strategies to know how to act in any situations. When you play poker online be and act regular. Have even bet intervals, do resolute bets and stay calm. Work on your online poker “face” while betting.

When you have good cards do a resolute bet. If your cards leave much to be desired do the same resolute bet. Make your opponent think that your position is strong in spite of the fact that you are within an inch of becoming a loser. Poker online main aim is to make your opponents discard. The second aim is to count the mathematical expectation. If yours is positive do the highest possible bet.

So, when you are to bet you have three variants: call the bet, raise or discard. Many gamblers will surprise but call is considered to be the worst variant. They explain that when one calls he reacts on other gambler’s whim and it means that you win only in case of your better position. That’s why it’s even better to discard in order to save money without calling. And you can seem weak when calling. Just pay attention at professional gamblers that bet, raise or discard and seldom call.

Aggressive actions can make your opponent discard even if he takes a strong position. That’s why raise is an unexpected action that can shock your opponent and shake their self-confidence.

If involving associations bet can be compared with any sport team game when a successful team player usually has a more impressive effect when he play worse than he usually does . Do the same while betting. Remember that permanent strategy changing, bluff and various bet sums will make your opponent nervous and not knowing chalk from cheese.


Lots of gamblers often ask how to win at roulette? They act according to the following way: they have decided to win at roulette, they have read basic roulette rules, they tend to visit the first website at the google search and they don’t understand why they lose and tend to ask how to win at casino roulette. Guys! Don’t be that fools! Any gambling needs practice, strategy and knowledge.

By the way as far as knowledge is concerned what do you know about roulette? Winning at roulette is simple if one knows everything about this game. What do you know? To win money at roulette one should know the system of roulette bets. This article will be devoted to this topic. So here is the list of the most common roulette bets.

  1. You can bet on a number or a zero. The chips are placed on the field with a symbol of the chosen number. The payment makes out 35:1
  2. A bet on two numbers is also very popular. You can bet on the combination of (zero) 0 with any of the first series numbers from 1 to 3. The chips are placed on the line dividing two numbers. The payment is 17:1
  3. Three-number bet. You can make a bet on three number of the same line. The chips are placed on the line dividing 2 areas of bets. The payment is 11:1
  4. 4-numbers bet when you can put the chip on the point where 4 numbers are concentrated. The payment makes out 8:1.
  5. Six numbers bet when the chips are placed to the angle between the rows. The payment is 5:1.
  6. Column bet. You can bet on 12 numbers. The chip is put on the appropriate cell. The payment is 2:1.
  7. Simple casino chances bet. You can bet on red or black that contains 18 numbers. The casino payment is 1:1.

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