Skills vs. Luck

The gambling world (online, real, any) divided into two categories: games that require skill, and games, which depend only on luck (casual games).

Random Games accepting USA players are traditionally baccarat, craps, roulette and slots, recently were added Sic Bo, keno and bingo and others on Casinoslots NZ. Any type of a game has two rules applicable to any random game: first, the casino always has the advantage of (sometimes not so great), and secondly, the only thing that a player can make is to predict the future.

Some games, such as bone, allow you to reduce the casino advantage to a minimum, if you know what to do. Other games, Baccarat, for instance, specialize in simplifying the decision-making, leaving the outcome entirely to chance. Each game is certainly unique, but you can improve their situation, having carefully studied the game.

Unfortunately for players, casual games are usually full of bad bets. For example, in the bones of a bet on Pass / Don’t Pass leaves the casino an advantage of about 1, 4%. Big 6/Big 8 provide the casino advantage is in 9, 1%. A rate Any 7 increases the casino advantage to 16.7%! The choice is yours, but table games in the bone by simply filling out the wrong place to place your money. Again, a smart participant in online casino for USA players will explore the game, to know and avoid bad bets.
Games that require skill are blackjack and various poker variations (including video poker, Pai Gow Poker, etc.) – the traditional “games of skill” accepting US players. In these games, the better you know the game, the better chances you have to win. Winning these games require math skills and a good memory, which can reduce and even eliminate the casino advantage!

The biggest advantage of the “games of skill” online casino for USA citizens is against those players who do not know how to play. To guess is much easier than to remember complex strategies, and the casino hopes you will choose a simple way and put the money in their pocket. But if you know the game inside out, in other words, achieved mastery, the casino advantage can be significantly reduced. A good player will play at the casino advantage of less than 1%, while the inexperienced player will suffer from high rate losses.

Now we can define the difference between “games of skill” and other: if where is a probability of turns in your direction it is a game that requires skill. Possession of knowledge can give you an advantage that you never get in a random game.

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